Cystic Acne Treatment

Although many people associate acne with teenagers, the condition is certainly not limited to those under twenty. You can develop acne at almost any time during your adulthood, even when you have teenagers of your own. As annoying as regular acne can be, cystic acne is a much bigger problem. If you have this condition, you need to consult a dermatologist and follow an expert treatment plan.


The condition is usually linked to hormonal changes that occur during adolescence, pregnancy, and hormone therapy. You end up with blocked pores that can lead to cystic acne although most people with blockages have less serious breakouts. The difference is that cystic acne goes deep into your skin and creates a large red bump that is often filled with pus. These bumps can be quite painful, and if they break, the infection can spread and create more cysts. The breakouts can occur on your face, your back, and your shoulders, and both men and women can suffer from them. Men, though, are more likely to contract this condition. This type of acne can leave behind quite serious scars, especially if you do not seek professional treatment for it.


Once you've been diagnosed with cystic acne, your doctor can help you control the condition. Although benzoyl peroxide products can be helpful, you may well need prescription drug intervention to help your condition. A dermatologist may give you a steroid injection in individual cysts because it helps reduce the inflammation and prevent scarring. Doctors sometimes prescribe birth control pills for women because it helps prevent the oily blockage that leads to the cysts. One quite effective treatment is the drug isotretinoin, but, unfortunately, it comes with a number of side effects, including depression and joint pain. Still, for many, this drug offers the best results.


You can take some steps at home to reduce your chances of getting cystic acne. You want to diligently wash and exfoliate your skin. Use moisturizer appropriately in the winter and sunscreen in the summer to protect your skin from unnecessary trauma. In some cases, eating dairy has been linked to cystic acne, so you may want to go easy on these food products. Also, an overall healthy diet is always a good way to prevent health conditions.

Cystic acne can cause a real lack of self-esteem in sufferers who become quite self-conscious about their appearance. If you do not seek proper treatment, you will be more likely to develop unsightly scars. If you suspect that you have this condition, visit your dermatologist (like those at East Carolina Dermatology and Skin Surgery, PLLC) for a diagnosis and help in controlling your breakouts.